We are a non-profit that provides medical gap funding for trans* children & adults.

Who We Are

The key to happiness is being the truest version of yourself. We at TrueGender are here to support gender-variant individuals at all stages of this personal journey.

TrueGender is a nonprofit organization that offers funding and resources to help any Transgender person with transitioning and support, regardless of age or progress of transition. A board will review every candidate and disburse funds based on a list of predetermined criteria and urgency. Funds can be used for medical expenses, such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Hormone Blockers, Psychological Therapy, Corrective Surgery, or any other various costs that occur.

TrueGender also will offer resources such as mentorship programs, Gender Expression banks/clothing swaps/classes and various workshops, support groups for Trans* persons or families alike. It is an integral part of the program that the volunteers, staff and management are actively involved in creating a safe community for our at-risk friends. You or your loved one will be met with support and understanding through the various stages of transition. TrueGender plans to maintain a database of Transgender-friendly and supportive therapists and doctors, to help insure the best care for our trans brothers and sisters. Some needs will be met directly, such as providing resources and donations to those in need. Other needs will be fulfilled by our partnership with other agencies, such as a Trans-specific suicide hotline connection. It is our hope that a strong safety net for the Trans* population can be woven together by these collective support systems.

TrueGender will be holding a Kickstarter event at the end of the summer! We are in need of sponsors to cover base costs for the event, as well as goods or services to be donated for raffles and a silent auction to help raise funds for TrueGender. We hope to count you amongst the many to help support the Transgender community and donate today!


Low income families with no access to trans* heathcare

-Source: Transgender Law Center

Estimated people who identify as trans*


Trans* people said they hid their gender transition to try and avoid discrimination


Of Trans* youth have attempted suicide

Get Involved!

TrueGender is looking for inspired individuals to volunteer! If you are passionate about serving the trans* community, email your resume and cover letter to info@truegender.org, and someone will contact you within 72 hours. We need content creators that are passionate about Civil Rights activism, notably supporting the LGBTQIA community. Fundraising and general Office Administration are also currently needed. Contact us via www.facebook.com/truegender.org or at info@truegender.org.

If you prefer, you can show your support by donating funds directly through PayPal. Send securely via www.Paypal.com to: donate@truegender.org. You will receive a receipt to file as a tax-deductible donation.

Know the facts

Support those in need

A REAL issue

Their treatment is around $1500 a month, most insurers don’t cover it, and they develop irreversible and traumatic symptoms if they don’t get the medication they need. This causes a 75% increase in these children being hospitalized for attempted suicide.


Spread the word

We currently have a waiting list of families who urgently need help covering medical expenses for their gender nonconforming child. Additionally, an expansive web presence, social media blitzes, fundraising events, and street teams doing direct action will all be used to find those in need of our services.

Give the gift of aid

Help with your time or donations. Blockers cost about $1500 a month, and most insurance companies do not currently cover this medicine. If a child needs blockers from age 10 to 18, the cost of the medicine alone will amount to $144,000. 

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for visiting our site and learning about this very real problem.  We hope you are motivated to take action, spread awareness or just be inspired to know you are not alone.

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