What we do.

We are a non-profit that provides medical gap funding for a specific at-risk category of children. Their treatment is around $1500 a month, most insurers don’t cover it, and they develop irreversible and traumatic symptoms if they don’t get the medication they need. This causes a 75% increase in these children being hospitalized for attempted suicide. This is also a civil rights issue. The category of children we serve are a very marginalized minority that is currently unprotected in most states. The group I’m speaking of is transgender children.

Supporting Businesses and Organizations

Trans-Parenting is an organization dedicated to providing support and educational resources to parents and their advocates (pediatricians, mental health professionals, lawyers, schools, friends, family, and churches) raising a gender independent child.

News, Legal Aid, and Information on Changing ID Documents

Hotline for Transgender and Gender-Variant Persons in Crisis

Schools In Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools

Asaf Orr, Esq.

Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney

Terrence Michael Henderson

Counselor, MS, LPC, LCPC

Specializes in therapy with Transgender youth and adults. Also offers mediation services.